3rd Grade

Welcome to Third Grade! We’re looking forward to an exciting year!

We’ll go to the Renville County Museum and Ramsey Park in May. In December we will make Gingerbread Houses for the Winter Music Concert.

In the spring all third graders in Minnesota take the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs). These assessments are in the areas of reading and math. We will let you know when this takes place.

All Third Grade work is to be done in pencil. We do a lot of checking together and a red correcting pencil is always needed. If this or any other supplies run out throughout the year, they need to be replaced.

Jackie Frank

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Elementary SchoolGrade 3–Room 149 Website: Skyward Contact

Trisha Neubauer

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Instructor BOLD Schools3rd Grade, Room 148 Website: Skyward Contact:

Sarah Iverson

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Elementary SchoolGrade 3–Room 150 Website: Skyward Contact:
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