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Early Childhood Screening Register for Preschool

Early Childhood Education Programs helps kids become ready for school.

Fall ECFE Class Brochure 2021

Fall ECFE Class Brochure 2021
BOLD Preschool Application

BOLD Early Childhood Screening will be held twice a year in February and October.
**Contact Lindsey Long 320-523-1031 x 3147 or the Elementary 320-365-3551 x4100 for more information.

Did You Know?


  • ECFE, Early Childhood Family Education—-Parents & children attend class together
  • ECFE ON WHEELS—-Childcare providers can enroll to have an ECFE brought directly to your home.
  • ECS, Early Childhood Screening—-It’s the law. Screening best done between 3 & 4 years old to make sure your child is on track for Kindergarten
  • ECSE, Early Childhood Special Education—-Special Focus and Adaptation for a child’s special needs.
  • ECI, Early Childhood Initiative—-a grassroots initiative advocating on behalf of kids, families, and childcare providers.
  • PRESCHOOL”Little Warriors”—-3 & 4 year olds (tuition based)

BOLD Schools are strong recommending that all children have at least one year of Preschool.

  • Public preschool is partially funded by the State of Minnesota and referred to as a “School Readiness” program.
  • Funding goes up or down depending on the 0-4 Census. CENSUS UPDATE FORM  To keep our funding for early childhood programs, please make sure you add children birth to preKindergarten on the school census forms.
  • 3s Preschool is a Community Education Program for 3-4 year olds. 3’s Preschool tuition is $65/month and $35 for families that qualify for free and reduced lunch.
  • 4s Preschool is a public preschool program open to Minnesota children age 4-5 years old.

School districts offer early childhood education programs like ECFE and Preschool. The goal of both early childhood programs is to help kids enter Kindergarten with the skills and behaviors necessary to be successful in future learning. We call that “School Readiness”.

School Readiness

3s Preschool Schedule

4s Preschool Schedule

Preschool Transportation

Parent Involvement

Reading Calendar

0-4 Census Report - It's the Law

These programs are located at the BOLD Olivia Campus in the Community Education wing. We offer developmentally appropiate activities and there is strong parent involvement. We are now taking enrollment for next fall.

Please call the classroom for changes in transportation for the day or if your child will be absent, and talk to a teacher. If leaving a message, please mention the date and time so we know the exact date the child will be gone. Thank you.

Early Childhood Screening Register for Preschool

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