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Early Childhood Screening–ECS

What we used to call  “Preschool Screening,” but it is not connected to registering for preschool.

Early Childhood Screening is required by state law before Kindergarten entry, but best done around age 3 ½!

The screening’s purpose is to identify health, developmental and/or other factors that may interfere with a child’s learning, growth and development and to determine if your child is “Ready for Kindergarten”.

  • This free screening can identify if your child needs extra support before they start school, such as speech, vision, enrichment or in other areas.
  • Support is more effective before Kindergarten entry!
  • How do you know if extra support is needed now? Take time to make sure your child is screened.
EC Screening involves testing children in basic health and developmental areas:
  • Hearing, Vision, Height, Weight
  • Speech, Coordination, Cognitive Development (thinking skills)
  • Social and Emotional Skills

We will try to schedule ECS close to age 3 ½. Please RSVP when you get your appointment in the mail. Remember that this screening is geared to your child’s age. So don’t wait because you think they will do better when older. Screening on time will help them get extra support if needed before Kindergarten.

Ways to help your child become ready for Kindergarten
  • Attend a preschool for 1 1/2 to 2 years
  • Attend ECFE classes
  • Read with your child 15-30 minutes every day
  • Work with other resources as needed (what did screening recommend?)
Contact the Elementary School Secretary at the Elementary Office to get on the ECS list.

(formally called preschool screening)

BOLD will screen in February and October. Calls received after February may have to wait for the following fall to be screened. Mark your calendar. Screening can make a difference.

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