Early Childhood Family Education–ECFE

What are ECFE Classes?

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ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) is a Community Education Program for parents and their children who are between the ages of birth to Kindergarten entrance.

The ECFE Program is designed to enhance and support parents as their child’s first and most influential teachers. We want to help children enjoy the world around them as they learn abut their surroundings. It is important for children to be alert, curious, and excited about learning! We also strive to help parents understand the many ways in which their children develop.

ECFE Purpose

ECFE stands for Early Childhood Family Education. It is a Minnesota funded program that works with families from birth to Kindergarten age. The purpose of ECFE is to support and strengthen families as they care and grow with young children by:

  • Providing opportunities for young children to play together and learn through creative activities while their parents stay and support their child’s play
  • Sharing ideas and information with parents on the many ways children develop
  • Encouraging confident parenting
ECFE Classes

At ECFE classes parents come and play with their child. Children learn through play. At some ECFE classes there is “parent separation time” where the children remain in the classroom with the child educator, and parents move to another room with a parent educator for 30-45 minutes to discuss parenting topics. This is one way that ECFE can support parents because they know that parents are the first and most influential teacher their child has. Research shows that children whose parents are involved in their education have been shown to be more successful in school.

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