BOLD School Board

The School Board meets regularly on the fourth Monday of each month. Special meetings will be held, if necessary.

All meetings are open to the public except closed sessions which are permitted by state law to discuss only specific topics such as strategy for labor negotiations, personnel, and threatened litigation. All Board decisions, however, are made in public (open) session.

Addressing the Board
Agenda/Board Packets
Order of Business

Steam live or watch recorded School Board meetings on the BOLD Youtube Channel 

Sandy Benson

Photo of Sandy Benson
BOLD SchoolsSchool Board

Term: 1/1/23 – 1/1/26


Brian Boen

Photo of Brian Boen
Board Vice-Chair BOLD SchoolsSchool Board

Term: 1-1-21 to 1-1-24

Traci Buchtel

Photo of Traci Buchtel
Board Clerk BOLD SchoolsSchool Board

Term: 1-1-21 to 1-1-24

Todd Frank

Photo of Todd Frank
BOLD SchoolsSchool Board

Term: 1/1/23 – 1/1/26

Theresa Jacobs

No Photo Available
Board Director BOLD SchoolsSchool Board

TERM: 1-1-21 to 1-1-24

Ally Johnson

Photo of Ally Johnson
BOLD SchoolsSchool Board

Term: 1/1/23 – 1/1/26

Todd Sheehan

No Photo Available
School Board Member BOLD SchoolsDistrict

Term: 1/1/22 – 1/1/24


Mission Statement

“The mission of the BOLD School District is to:
Provide all learners in the BOLD community an education designed to develop the creativity, character, confidence, and skills essential to flourish in a changing global society.”

Vision Statement

The BOLD School District: United to achieve excellence and expecting the best — Be BOLD.

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