Your kindergartner is ready to discover and explore the big, friendly, busy world of going to school.

Don’t be surprised if he or she is restless and overly tired during the first month of school. They will be making a big adjustment and you can best help by making adjustments in their schedule, talking to him/her about their problems (and the teacher, if necessary) and letting them know your confidence and pride in him/her.

kindergardenIf you have any questions or concerns please contact us at once. We will be happy to discuss the situation with you.

Most of all, your child’s attitude toward school mirrors yours. When they know that you are interested in what they do and are working with others for their good, they realize that this is a happy, wonderful and important place.

We look forward to working with your child.

Terri Muench and Nichole Baumgartner.

Nichole Baumgartner

Photo of Nichole Baumgartner
Teacher BOLD SchoolsKindergarten Website: Infinite Campus

Susan Henriksen

Photo of Susan Henriksen
Teacher BOLD SchoolsKindergarten Website: Infinite Campus

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