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As the end of the year approaches, many colleges/universities, programs, etc will want a copy of your high school transcript. That comes DIRECTLY from the high school office, so just let myself or Nancy know where to send your high school transcript after you graduate! Many of you have notified me already which is awesome! Those get sent via mail on June 6th
Those who earned college credits while in high school (PSEO, College Now, Reach American History, etc):
Seniors are responsible for sending their college transcript (which has the college credit equivalent attached to it) to the college/university, program, etc. If you fail to do this, your college will NOT give you the proper credits which could result in you having to retake a class!
On June 6th, follow the information below. I pulled the information for Ridgewater, SMSU and MinnWest Tech. For those of you who may have completed credit from other colleges, go to the college’s website and look for “transcript request”
NOTE: IF you are staying in the Minnesota State University/Technical and Community College system (so any school in Minnesota that is NOT University of Minnesota or private schools) all you have to do for your transcripts is tell the college you are going to in the fall 2022 that you have credits from “x” schools, they will pull it for you. Those of you going out-of-state, University of Minnesota (Twin Cities, Morris, Duluth, Crookston, Rochester) or any private school you will need to do this yourself for every place you have college credits.
Congratulations Senior Class of 2022! Remember seniors to forward this information to a personal email or make sure it is saved, you lose access to your BOLD email in July!

Our school counselor is here to help students with career and college counseling, academic counseling, personal and social counseling, and scheduling. Ms. Stein also serves as the ACT coordinator and ITV supervisor. She makes sure our students are on track to graduate and help them with their plans and goals beyond high school as well.

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Social Worker

Our social worker is here working with the kids and helping them to deal with every day problems, which also helps them be able to succeed more in school and in the world outside of school.


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