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Ashley Eisenbraun

No Photo Available
High SchoolAg Work Phone: 320-523-1031 ext. 3115

Cheryl Engstrom

Photo of Cheryl Engstrom
Paraprofessional Elementary Title Resource Work Phone: 320-365-3551

Kassidy Fischer

Photo of Kassidy Fischer
Little Warriors 4ECFE Work Phone: 320-523-1031 ext. 3112 Work Phone: (320) 523-1031 ext. 3112 (Classroom)

Derek Flann

Photo of Derek Flann
Activities Director/Community Education Director BOLD DistrictActivities/Community Education Work Phone: 320-523-1031 ext. 2111

Margaret Flemming

Photo of Margaret Flemming
Elementary & High SchoolFood Service Director Work Phone: High School: 320-523-1031 ext. 3124

Jackie Frank

Photo of Jackie Frank
Elementary SchoolGrade 3–Room 113 Work Phone: 320-365-3551 ext. 4110

Brittany Friesen

Photo of Brittany Friesen
Special Education Instructor BOLD High SchoolHigh School Special Education Work Phone: 320-523-1031 ext. 2165

Julie Gass

Photo of Julie Gass
Elementary SchoolOffice Secretary Work Phone: 320-365-3551 ext. 4101

Theodore Gloege

Photo of Theodore Gloege
Middle School–Olivia CampusSixth Grade–Room 154 Work Phone: 320-523-1031 ext. 3163

Gayle Grimm

Photo of Gayle Grimm
Instructor PreschoolECSE Work Phone: 320-523-1031 ext. 3158

Dan Gross

Photo of Dan Gross
Instructor High SchoolSpecial Education Work Phone: 320-523-1031 ext. 3121

Jill Hanson

Photo of Jill Hanson
Board Chair BOLD SchoolsSchool Board Work Phone: (320) 894-0535

Term: 1/1/19 – 1/1/23

On the following committees:

  • Facilities/Grounds/Pools —- (Substitute)
  • Culture Committee
  • Little Crow Telemedia
  • MREA
  • MSBA Leg. Network
  • Negotiations–EA
  • Negotiations–MSEA
  • Negotiations–Custodian

Duane Hanson

Photo of Duane Hanson
Custodian High School Custodial Work Phone: 320-523-1031

Tabitha Harazin

Photo of Tabitha Harazin
BSN, RN/Licensed School Nurse, PHN Olivia Nurse Work Phone: 320-523-1031 ext. 3108, office hours 7:30am-4pm

Lindsey Heine

Photo of Lindsey Heine
Business Manager BOLD SchoolsDistrict Office Work Phone: 320-523-1031 x2109

Susan Henriksen

Photo of Susan Henriksen
Teacher BOLD ElementaryFirst Grade–Room 146 Work Phone: 320-365-3551 ext. 4131

Brent Henriksen

Photo of Brent Henriksen
Special Education Instructor BOLD SchoolsElementary/High School Special Education Work Phone: 320-365-3551 ext. 4123

Kathy Herdina

Photo of Kathy Herdina
Paraprofessional BOLD SchoolsLittle Warriors

Tim Holden

Photo of Tim Holden
Custodian Elementary Custodian Work Phone: 320-365-3551 x4107
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