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Ryan Tanttila

Photo of Ryan Tanttila
High SchoolEnglish Work Phone: 320-523-1031 ext. 3154

Shelby Taylor

Photo of Shelby Taylor
English Teacher BOLD SchoolsHigh School English Work Phone: 320-523-1031 ext. 3143

Margie-ana Timmons

Photo of Margie-ana Timmons
Custodian BOLD SchoolsHigh School Work Phone: 320-523-1031

Carol Tisdell

Photo of Carol Tisdell
Paraprofessional Media Center Work Phone: 320-523-1031 x 3159

Brooke Trager

Photo of Brooke Trager
Food Service High School Food Service Work Phone: 320-523-1031

Daidre Vaala

No Photo Available
High SchoolSchool Psychologist Work Phone: 320-523-1031 ext. 3150

Jacob Walter

No Photo Available
Art Instructor High SchoolArt Work Phone: 320-523-1031 ext. 3118

Liz Waskul-Wittman

Photo of Liz Waskul-Wittman
Elementary SchoolMusic Work Phone: 320-365-3551 ext. 4138

Kathryn West

Photo of Kathryn West
Elementary SchoolSecond Grade–Room 116 Work Phone: 320-365-3551 ext. 4136

Lori Wittman

Photo of Lori Wittman
Food Service High School Food Service Work Phone: 320-523-1031

Douglas Wold

Photo of Douglas Wold
High SchoolMath Work Phone: 320-523-1031 ext. 3139

Patricia Wrobleski

Photo of Patricia Wrobleski
Food Service Elementary Food Service Work Phone: 320-365-3551

Jody Youngkrantz

Photo of Jody Youngkrantz
Paraprofessional BOLD Elementary SchoolElementary Title Resource Work Phone: 320-365-3551

Deb Ziller

No Photo Available
High SchoolSpeech, Musical Director, One Act Play Home Phone: 320-579-0330
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