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Cherity Perez

Photo of Cherity Perez
ParaProfessional BOLD SchoolsBOLD Elementary Special Education Work Phone: 320-365-3551

Sheryl Petersen

Photo of Sheryl Petersen
High SchoolBusiness/Computer Instructor, WebMaster Work Phone: 320-523-1031 ext. 3140

District Staff Development Committee Member

High School Staff Development Committee Secretary

Lynn Plass

Photo of Lynn Plass
Middle School–Olivia CampusGrade 5–Room 154 Work Phone: 320-523-1031 ext. 3162

Brenda Prokosch

Photo of Brenda Prokosch
Elementary SchoolTitle I Instructor Work Phone: 320-365-3551 ext. 4111

Claudia Redmond

Photo of Claudia Redmond
ESL Teacher Elementary & High SchoolESL Work Phone: Elementary: 320-365-3551 ext. 4129/High School: 320-523-1031 ext. 3135

Josette Repke

Photo of Josette Repke
Instructor BOLD High SchoolSPED/SLD/ECFE Work Phone: 320-523-1031 ext. 3125

Lynn Rudeen

Photo of Lynn Rudeen
Paraprofessional Preschool Work Phone: 320-523-1031

Melissa Sagedahl

Photo of Melissa Sagedahl
Board Vice Chair BOLD SchoolsSchool Board Home Phone: 320-579-0089

Term: 1/1/17 – 1/1/21

On the following committees:

  • Community Education
  • Meet & Confer
  • Negotiations — Custodian
  • Staff Development

Daren Sagedahl

Photo of Daren Sagedahl
High SchoolMath Work Phone: 320-523-1031 ext. 3145

Tyler Schindler

Photo of Tyler Schindler
Teacher BOLD High SchoolScience Work Phone: 320-523-1031 ext. 3123

Rhonda Schmieg

Photo of Rhonda Schmieg
Elementary Teacher BOLDGrade 4–Room 215 Work Phone: 320-365-3551 x4105

Charles Schneider

Photo of Charles Schneider
High SchoolMath Work Phone: 320-523-1031 ext. 3117

Kristin Schroeder

Photo of Kristin Schroeder
Food Service Elementary Food Service Work Phone: 320-365-3551

Diane Schwarzrock

Photo of Diane Schwarzrock
Paraprofessional High School Special Education Work Phone: 320-523-1031

Joan Solem

Photo of Joan Solem
BOLD Elementary SchoolPhysical Education Work Phone: Elementary: 320-365-3551 ext. 4119

Angela Sondrol

No Photo Available
Food Service BOLD SchoolsHigh School Food Service Work Phone: 320-523-1031

Denny Spielmann

Photo of Denny Spielmann
Director of Buildings & Grounds BOLD School DistrictCustodial Work Phone: 320-523-1031 ext. 3119

Tracy Starr

Photo of Tracy Starr
Paraprofessional BOLD Elementary SchoolElementary Special Education Work Phone: 320-365-3551

Tami Steffel

Photo of Tami Steffel
Elementary SchoolGrade 4–Room 211 Work Phone: 320-365-3551 ext. 4132

Brittany Stein

Photo of Brittany Stein
Counselor BOLD SchoolsHigh School Work Phone: 320-523-1031 ext. 3103
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