High School Staff

Brielle Leszczynski

Photo of Brielle Leszczynski
English Teacher BOLD SchoolsHigh School English Work Phone: 320-523-1031 ext. 3143

Brenda Muench

Photo of Brenda Muench
Para Professional BOLD High SchoolElementary/High School

Lara Neubauer

No Photo Available
Specialist BOLD SchoolsOccupational Therapist, Room 160a Work Phone: 320-523-1031 ext. 3502

Sheryl Petersen

Photo of Sheryl Petersen
High SchoolBusiness/Computer Instructor, WebMaster Website: Skyward Contact:

District Staff Development Committee Member

High School Staff Development Committee Secretary

Ashley Read

No Photo Available
Specialist BOLD SchoolsElementary/High School

Claudia Redmond

Photo of Claudia Redmond
ESL Teacher Elementary & High SchoolESL, Room 168a Website: Skyward Contact:

Josette Repke

Photo of Josette Repke
Instructor BOLD High SchoolSPED/SLD/ECFE, Room 158 Website: Skyward Contact:

Daren Sagedahl

Photo of Daren Sagedahl
High SchoolMath Website: Skyward Contact:

Kaitlynn Sale

Photo of Kaitlynn Sale
Art Instructor BOLD SchoolsART Department Work Phone: 320-523-1031 ext. 3118

SKyller Schmidt

Photo of SKyller Schmidt
High SchoolAg Website: Skyward Contact:

Charles Schneider

Photo of Charles Schneider
High SchoolMath Website: Skyward Contact:

Diane Schwarzrock

Photo of Diane Schwarzrock
Paraprofessional High School Special Education

Denny Spielmann

Photo of Denny Spielmann
Director of Buildings & Grounds BOLD School DistrictCustodial Work Phone: 320-523-1031 ext. 3119

Nicholas Strandberg

Photo of Nicholas Strandberg
Instructor High School & ElementaryBand/Music Department Work Phone: High School: 320-523-1031 ext. 3113

Matt Sullivan

Photo of Matt Sullivan
Instructor High SchoolPhy. Ed./Health Website: Skyward Contact:

Christena Svoboda Ojeda

Photo of Christena Svoboda Ojeda
Instructor BOLD SchoolsHigh School Spanish Department Website: Skyward Contact

Ryan Tanttila

Photo of Ryan Tanttila
High SchoolEnglish Work Phone: 320-523-1031 ext. 3154 Website: Skyward Contact

Carol Tisdell

Photo of Carol Tisdell
Paraprofessional BOLD SchoolsResource

Brooke Trager

Photo of Brooke Trager
Food Service High School Food Service Work Phone: 320-523-1031
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