Elementary Staff

Pauline Amsden

Photo of Pauline Amsden
Paraprofessional BOLD Elementary SchoolElementary Special Education

Nichole Baumgartner

Photo of Nichole Baumgartner
Instructor BOLD ElementaryKindergarten–Room 156 Website: SKYWARD CONTACT

Brett Benson

Photo of Brett Benson
Principal BOLD SchoolsK-12 Work Phone: 320-523-1031

Carol Bohlin

Photo of Carol Bohlin
Custodian BOLD SchoolsElementary Campus

Lora Coughlin

Photo of Lora Coughlin
Paraprofessional BOLD Elementary SchoolElementary Special Education

Cheryl Engstrom

Photo of Cheryl Engstrom
Paraprofessional Elementary Title Resource

Margaret Flemming

Photo of Margaret Flemming
Elementary & High SchoolFood Service Director Website: Skyward Contact

Jackie Frank

Photo of Jackie Frank
Elementary SchoolGrade 3–Room 149 Website: Skyward Contact

Theodore Gloege

Photo of Theodore Gloege
Middle School–Olivia CampusSixth Grade–Room 122 Website: Skyward Contact:

Brent Henriksen

Photo of Brent Henriksen
Special Education Instructor BOLD SchoolsElementary/High School Special Education Website: Skyward Contact

Susan Henriksen

Photo of Susan Henriksen
Teacher BOLD ElementaryKindergarten–Room 153 Website: Skyward Contact:

Tim Holden

Photo of Tim Holden
Custodian BOLD SchoolsElementary Custodian

Melissa Honzay

Photo of Melissa Honzay
Middle SchoolGrade 6–Room 120 Website: Skyward Contact:

Sarah Iverson

Photo of Sarah Iverson
Elementary SchoolGrade 3–Room 150 Website: Skyward Contact:

Neil Kaufenberg

Photo of Neil Kaufenberg
Elementary & High SchoolTechnology Director

Angela Klein

Photo of Angela Klein
Elementary SchoolGrade 1–Room 154 Website: Skyward Contact

Deanna Knight

Photo of Deanna Knight
Paraprofessional BOLD Elementary SchoolElementary Special Education

Jenny Lankenau

Photo of Jenny Lankenau
Instructor Elementary SchoolGrade 2–Room 152 Website: Skyward Contact

Patrice Loidolt

Photo of Patrice Loidolt
Instructor Elementary SchoolReading Specialist, Room 146 Website: Skyward Contact:
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