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Nichole Baumgartner

Photo of Nichole Baumgartner
Elementary SchoolKindergarten–Room 148 Work Phone: 320-365-3551 ext. 4145

Tanya Carlson

Photo of Tanya Carlson
Counselor BOLD SchoolsHigh School Work Phone: 320-523-1031 ext. 3103

Penny Christy

Photo of Penny Christy
DistrictBusiness Manager Assistant Work Phone: 320-523-1031 ext. 2101

Ann Dettmann

Photo of Ann Dettmann
Elementary SchoolPrincipal Work Phone: 320-365-3551 ext. 4102

Kory Eiler

Photo of Kory Eiler
Elementary SchoolGrade 1–Room 119 Work Phone: 320-365-3551 ext. 4135

Kassidy Fischer

Photo of Kassidy Fischer
Little Warriors 4ECFE Work Phone: 320-523-1031 ext. 3112

Margaret Flemming

Photo of Margaret Flemming
Elementary & High SchoolFood Service Director Work Phone: High School: 320-523-1031 ext. 3124

Jackie Frank

Photo of Jackie Frank
Elementary SchoolGrade 3–Room 113 Work Phone: 320-365-3551 ext. 4110

Julie Gass

Photo of Julie Gass
Elementary SchoolOffice Secretary Work Phone: 320-365-3551 ext. 4101

Jenny Lankenau

Photo of Jenny Lankenau
Elementary SchoolGrade 2–Room 117 Work Phone: 320-365-3551 ext. 4139

Patrice Loidolt

Photo of Patrice Loidolt
Elementary SchoolReading Specialist Work Phone: 320-365-3551 ext. 4117

Brittany Louwagie

Photo of Brittany Louwagie
Community EdAdministrative Assistant Work Phone: 320-365-3551 ext. 2110

Christina Massee

Photo of Christina Massee
Elementary & High SchoolMedia Center/Library-Teacher Librarian Work Phone: Elementary: 320-365-3551 ext. 4126/High School: 320-523-1031 ext. 3159

Gary McRell

Photo of Gary McRell
High SchoolAg Work Phone: 320-523-1031 ext. 3115

Trisha Neubauer

Photo of Trisha Neubauer
Elementary SchoolGrade 1–Room 118 Work Phone: 320-365-3551 ext. 4104

Brad Oldre

Photo of Brad Oldre
BOLD ElementarySPED/SLD Work Phone: 320-365-3551 ext. 4118

Sheryl Petersen

Photo of Sheryl Petersen
High SchoolBusiness/Computer Instructor, WebMaster Work Phone: 320-523-1031 ext. 3140

District Staff Development Committee Member

High School Staff Development Committee Secretary

Claudia Redmond

Photo of Claudia Redmond
ESL Teacher Elementary & High SchoolESL Work Phone: Elementary: 320-365-3551 ext. 4129/High School: 320-523-1031 ext. 3135

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