Hello Warriors –
We have special funding to provide a free lunch and breakfast to every child in our district. Furthermore, by signing up for a free lunch and breakfast, you are helping the district’s budget immensely. It helps us because we are already paying for the transportation, employees, and all other costs whether or not they are used. The only cost for us that goes up is for the actual food. We get reimbursed by the government for each lunch we provide. If every single student in the district signed up for a free lunch and breakfast, we would receive the maximum reimbursement and our costs would be easily covered. If only one student signed up for a free lunch, the costs would be the same but we would only receive a couple dollars in reimbursement. Here is another link to the form where you can sign up. The link will also be available on our website. I encourage everyone to do this. You get a free lunch and breakfast for each of your children and you help keep our foodservice budget in the black.


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