Clay Target

Registration for the MN Clay Target League is now open and must be completed online by all those wishing to participate. The student registration starts February 3 this year and ends March 23. All students will have to go through the process of application and must be in Grades 9-12, and when completed there will be a request to make payment of $35, by credit card. This fee has been paid in by the Renville County Rangers gun club in the past, but is now being passed on to the participants. If you have questions please contact Dale Robideau @ [email protected]

1- Student goes to (, click on right side “Clay Target Go”

2- Click on AMS (Athlete Management System)

3- Enter log-in information on left box, and enter team ID, boD954

4- Follow instructions to complete profile

see below:


Create your profile
Welcome to the USA Clay Target League’s Athlete Management System!

You will utilize Athlete Management System (AMS) to assist with all of the elements required to participate in the League on your clay target team.

You are creating a user profile for: BOLD High School

If you are not registering for BOLD High School, enter your Team ID Again.

To access these elements, you are required to create an account for the STUDENT, not the parent/guardian.

IMPORTANT: Creating a profile DOES NOT automatically qualify or register a student to be a member of the team.

Students have to be invited by the team to register and complete the registration requirements to become a member of the team.

To Create An Account
The steps below must be completed for a student athlete to be fully registered to participate on a team.

Step 1 – Complete the Security Information form
Step 2 – Complete the Athlete Information form
Step 3 – Complete the Guardian Information form (if applicable)
Step 4 – Complete Medical Consent & Information
Step 5 – Review
Step 6 – You will be automatically directed into your AMS account
Registering To Become A Member On A Team
Step 1 – After creating your account, the student’s name is added to the team’s Waiting list.
Step 2 – The coach must move the student’s name from the Waiting list to the Invited list. When this action occurs, registration information is emailed to all email addresses included in your account. In addition, the registration information is displayed in your Athlete Management System. A registration email is NOT required to register for a team.
Step 3 – Complete League registration in your Athlete Management System.
Step 4 – After your registration is complete, the student’s name is moved to the team’s roster.
Registration Requirements
To register a student athlete:

1) The registrant must be the Parent or Legal Guardian of the student athlete, OR
2) You are the student athlete and you are 18 years of age or older, AND
3) The registrant must fully complete the online registration.
4) You are required to submit the student’s state-approved hunter education certificate number or the dates of completion of the online course AND range day for the League’s SAFE Certification. Certification is not required at the time of registration but is required to be completed prior to Reserve Week. Athletes cannot participate on a team until the safety certification requirements have been completed.

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